This is speed unit, special protection ecology environment diving unit.

GUWAA has launched world first professional ecological diving team with one mission – to inspect waters around the world, find garbage and toxic waste and clean our oceans, lakes and rivers to save marine life from devastation and pollution.

Every diver in this team has a different diving background but they were all picked by Kristijan Curavić (CEO). S.P.E.E.D. unit was launched in Monaco by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco on 16th January 2013.

They are former navy seals, anti and counter terrorism police, scuba instructors, commercial divers, professional athletes and former free diving champions. Their common goal is to protect, preserve and clean waters of the world.

This is the most experienced group of divers in the world when it comes to sea bottom cleaning. They have cleaned more than 100 tons of solid waste with their hands. Machines could harm the fragile sea vegetation and microorganisms beneath the surface so divers use only their hands and lifting balloons to clean.

Protect, Preserve and Clean

The time for exploration of oceans, lakes and rivers is over, time for protection, preservation and cleaning is here

The time when legendary Yacques Yves Cousteau explored the beautiful and magical underwater world is over. Since that time, our generation has managed to pollute and exploit our most precious natural resource, water.

This generation managed to almost destroy the only resource that no living organism on this planet can live without. Time to act is now, desperate times call for desperate measures.

These divers will take out hundreds of tons of toxic waste from seas, lakes and rivers around the world each year. Instead of sitting in conferences or meetings discussing about problems, they will raise awareness through their hard work and results.

They will shock global audience showing devastation that has been done by human hands to our seas, lakes and rivers. They will inspire young generations and millions of divers to do the same worldwide. New era of water preservation and protection starts with S.P.E.E.D. unit.

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Ocean Pollution

Marine life is dying, and as a result the whole oceanic ecosystem is threatened by various sources of pollution. If we are to preserve oceans and their natural beauty, drastic measures have to be done to combat this pollution so we can keep what we hold most dear.


Plastic is the most common element found in waters around the world. It is extremely harmful for the environment as it does not biodegrade easily or fast enough. Thousands of tons of waste and trash are dumped into the ocean on a daily basis.

Animals Die

Over one million seabirds are killed by ocean pollution each year. Three hundred thousand dolphins and porpoises die each year as a result of becoming entangled in discarded fishing nets or by mistaking plastic for food. One hundred thousand sea mammals are killed in the ocean by pollution each year.


Plastic debris can absorb toxic chemicals from ocean pollution, therefore poisoning whatever eats it. In fact, plastic pollution is one of the most serious threats to the ocean. Plastic does not degrade; instead, it breaks down into progressively smaller pieces, but never disappears.


In Eco action on island Krapanj in Croatia, S.P.E.E.D. UNIT divers took more than 6 tons of garbage from the sea in just two days. Most of the garbage was plastic bottles and glass.

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